MENU | June 29TH 2018

I Left My Heart

In El Segundo

Join us for 8 Delights, Celebrating The Love Between 2 Cities

Great Music & Amazing Neighborhoods


Gin & Juice

(Long Beach)

Gin + Vermouth | Angostura bitters | Lemon Juice

A Roll Of Premium Spiced Nuts


Love Street

(Topanga Canyon)

Stained Glass Cracker + Marcona / Arugula Pesto Mousse + Smoked Tuna


I Left My Heart In El Segundo

(El Segundo)

Acorn Pupusa Filled with Queso Quesidilla + Achiote Cream Sauce



(South Central)

Curried Coconut Broth | Egg Noodles 2 Ways + Several Condiments


Desperados Under the Eaves

(Echo Park)

Grilled Halibut + Rustic & New Mole + Citrus Segments + Epazote Tortilla


San Francisco

(Downtown LA)

Rice-A-Roni Risotto + Caesar Kale Salad Mix


Girls, Girls, Girls

(Sunset Strip)

[CBD + THC Infused]

Valencia Orange Caramel + Chocolate “It’s It”

Tobacco Infused Cotton Candy + Mint + Berries