The Liquor Store is an experiential pop-up supper club featuring global comfort foods, modern techniques, and traditional practices centered around history, literature and cinema. Our ingredients are locally sourced, organic and sustainable. Each event is themed not only culinarily, but also in ambiance and service. Guest participation is integral to the success of every Liquor Store event, and all attendees are strongly encouraged to research the theme of each dinner before attending, dress in costume and generally prepare themselves for a dinner experience that is theatrical, avant-garde and intimate. 


Founder & Chef-de-Cuisine Steven Hubbard has been working in the culinary arts since he was 16 years old. Filling every role in the kitchen from dish-washer to line cook to Sous Chef to Chef-de-Cuisine, Steve has overseen kitchens for many illustrious restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. In 1995 he moved to San Francisco to study cooking and continued his work as a professional Sous Chef in the Mission district.

In 2013, Steven and his business partner Donald Rainwater founded The Liquor Store, a conceptually-based prix fixe dining pop-up based in San Francisco.

The Team

Steven Hubbard - Founder, Chef-de-Cuisine

Donald Rainwater - Co-Founder, General Manager

Brent Wallace - Chef

Eddie Kim - Chef

Elmer Mevia - Chef

Laura Johnson - Pâtissier / Chef

Ariel Rose — Director of Marketing

Stacey Toth— Art Director

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