Hungry Ghosts


November 10th 2018

8 Tastes Inspired By:

Passing Of Life & Celebrations Of The Afterlife



Candied fennel seeds, Mixed Nuts, Anise seeds, Coconut, and Sesame seeds,

Served With A Tamarind + Gin Cocktail

“Burial Beads”

South Korea

Korean Lettuce Cup That Turns Into A Samosa Chaat

“Día De Los Muertos”


100% Veggie Cubano Sandwich, Presented As a Cigar

“Sky Burial”


Sweet & Sour Fried Cheese, Bell Peppers, Cashews, Peanuts + Flatbread

“Jazz Funeral”

New Orleans

Shrimp & Grits + Tomato-Jam Sauce

“Kiribati Skull Burial”


Grilled Slice Of Halibut + Pineapple Fried Rice


Greek (Egyption / North Eastern Africa)

Houmous, Dolma, Pita, Olive Oil, Fire, Rose Water, Olives

“Hanging Coffins”


Halo / Halo With Ethereal Notes: A rock and a cloud falling into each other, flavors of orange, chocolate, grapefruit and after tastes of pine nuts / mints / Yerba Buena. Chocolate / Graham / Cream / Fruit


A Flute Of Champagne