MENU | APRIL 13th 2019

American Gods


Grecian God of Wine

Ouzo, Orange Juice, Simple Syrup Cocktail + Grilled Ambrosia Skewer


African Spider Trickster

Fried Yeast Bun Paired With Apricot Jam & Curry Mince

“Mr. World”

God of Globalization

Mexican Arancini (Poblano, Jalapeños, Queso Chihuahua) Coated In Corn Flour Fried In Palm Oil Shot of Sriracha Vodka


German Goddess of the Dawn

Easter Soup ( Almond + Horseradish + Meyer Lemon Crouton )

“The Intangibles”

Gods of the Modern Stock Market

California Sushi Roll + Sake Shot

--- Moment Of Prayer ---

Get up For A Cocktail & Put a Prayer on The Edible Prayer Tree

Flavors of Citrus On Fairy Lights Wrapped Around A Ficus Tree


Indian Goddess of Time and Destruction

Deconstructed Samosa with several condiments


Goddess of Television

"Salisbury steak" with Mushroom Jus + French Beans in Lemon Vinaigrette + Whipped Thyme Potato

“Gwydion Fab Dôn”

Welsh Trickster God of Mythology

Arugula Salad + Welsh Rarebit Croutons + Stone Mustard / Tomato Soup Dressing


Egyptian God of the Dead & Mummification

Qatayef + Berries + Honey with Spiced Nuts

Mexican Coca-Cola & A Shot of Fernet