MENU | APRIL 13th 2019

American Gods


Grecian God of Wine

Ouzo, Orange Juice, Simple Syrup Cocktail + Grilled Ambrosia Skewer


African Spider Trickster

Fried Yeast Bun Paired With Apricot Jam & Curry Mince

“Mr. World”

God of Globalization

Mexican Arancini (Poblano, Jalapeños, Queso Chihuahua), Shot of Sriracha Vodka


German Goddess of the Dawn

Easter Soup ( Almond + Horseradish + Meyer Lemon Crouton, Broth, Potato + Carrot + Leek )

“The Intangibles”

Gods of the Modern Stock Market

California Sushi Roll + Sake Shot

--- Moment Of Prayer ---

Get up For A Cocktail & Put a Prayer on The Edible Prayer Tree

Flavors of Citrus On Fairy Lights Wrapped Around A Ficus Tree


Indian Goddess of Time and Destruction

Deconstructed Samosa with Several Condiments


Goddess of Television

"Salisbury steak" with Mushroom Jus + French Beans in Lemon Vinaigrette + Whipped Thyme Potato

“Gwydion Fab Dôn”

Welsh Trickster God of Mythology

Arugula Salad + Welsh Rarebit Croutons + Stone Mustard / Tomato Soup Dressing


Egyptian God of the Dead & Mummification

Qatayef + Berries + Honey with Spiced Nuts

Mexican Coca-Cola & A Shot of Fernet